Our Story

Our Story

There wasn’t a hijab that worked.

Growing up, I found it extremely difficult to find hijabs I felt confident in. For most of high school in the suburbs of Detroit, I owned two shabby hijabs from overseas (they were terrible!) that made me feel anything but beautiful. The only options at the mall nearby were neck scarves that were too thick, never the right size and not designed to be washed after every use. At a loss, I began collecting vintage silk scarves to improve both the quality and style my current hijabs were sorely lacking. Without real hijab options and role models who were successful not despite but because of their hijab, young girls like me weren’t able to take pride in our identities. As a result, I noticed an alarming trend - young Muslim women weren’t wearing hijab.

Armed with the knowledge that Muslim women needed hijabs they could feel beautiful in and role models they could look up to, I founded Haute Hijab in 2010 with my husband and co-founder Ahmed Zedan.

It was time for an American brand to champion hijab.

We are Muslim-Americans. This is our home, this is our culture, and this is where our future lies. The first task was clear, we need great-quality hijabs that are stylish and beautiful and will allow us to express both our American and Muslim identities at the same time. In the beginning, I did what I knew best - I found scarves in vintage stores that could work as hijabs, restored them and sold them online. However, we knew that this was only a temporary fix. To provide access to the caliber of hijabs we were dreaming of, we would have to make them in-house. Ahmed and I spent months testing fabrics to create the perfect hijabs -- they had to be breathable, washable, soft and durable. Inspired by the Islamic tradition of ihsaan - doing everything with beauty and excellence, we built an entire brand centered around the design and creation of the perfect hijabs. Today, we make hijabs that are so comfortable and beautiful, they elevate the entire experience of wearing hijab.

We make the world’s best hijabs for the world’s most powerful women.

I love wearing hijab. It uplifts my spirit and informs my style. It keeps me grounded and is a daily reminder of my commitment to God and to my faith. Excitement builds as I choose the hijab I wear each morning and I want you to feel just as elated! At Haute Hijab, everything we do is centered around you and your overall well-being in hijab. The community surrounding the brand is just as important as the hijabs we make because together, we’re creating real change. Our generation has the opportunity to redefine what it means to be Muslim-American; and through your unique stories and successes, we’re contributing to a new mindset where hijab and American are not mutually exclusive but rather, exist in harmony as part of a greater American multicultural mosaic.

It’s only the beginning... join the movement.

Over the years, our customers have shared amazing stories and pictures from all over the world (lookin’ gooood #HHSpottedClub ;). You all are amazing and we're thrilled to have rallied such an inspiring group of strong-minded thinkers, doers, and adventurers. If this is your first time here, welcome to the family!

Simply put, we want to help you make everyday a great hijab day.